Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hair Bow Hanger

Lexy's collection of hair bows were over taking her room and growing by the minute (thanks to me) :-) So I came up with a solution that I think works well!

I started with these...

a 5x7 picture frame
scrapbook paper
letter stickers
hot glue gun

I painted the picture frame. While that dried, I cut 3 lengths of ribbon with pinking shears, I made one ribbon longer than the other two. With the longer ribbon, I made loops (to hold head bands) and sewed them with a sewing machine. After the frame was dried a cut the scapbook paper to fit the frame and used the stickers to spell "BOWS" and put the frame back together. I then used the hot glue gun to attach the lengths of ribbon to the bottom back of the frame.

and I ended up with this...