Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chore Chart

Chore charts change so often as the kids grow or as kids are added.  I came up with this for my two girls but soon I will adapt it for three more.  We have a family dinner/meeting every Sunday to discuss our words, chores and plans for the week.

 1.  Words we are working on as a family.

2.  Weekly chores.  Kids pick one each week.  On our cleaning day (Sunday) they are responsible for cleaning this room as well as their bedroom.

3.  Daily chores.  Kids pick two each week.  They are responsible for doing these without prompting.  Some new ones will be added when we add kids (light helper, bath helper, line leader, etc.)

4.  Discipline chart.  Kids must move clothespin down a notch when told to for discipline.  This starts over each morning unless "grounded" has been reached. 
These chore cards list what needs to be done in each room for cleaning day.  The number of the listed chores that need to be done depends on the age of the child.  The initial sticks are used to fairly choose who picks their chores for the week (new ones must be chosen each week) first or to help when there is an arguement (who gets to pick the show to watch, who gets to pick a book at bedtime, etc.).