Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Grandparents Gifts

After going back to get a grandparents savings bank that I had seen (that was no longer there) we decided to make our own version for Papa & Grammy and Mamaw & Grandpa Tom for Christmas.

We got supplies...
Glass jar
Glass paint (ours just says for all porous & non-porous surfaces)
paper (to print saying below)
Decoupage glue

Then painted the glass jar with the sponge...

Then we cut a circle and a strip to tie around jar our of the fabric with pinking shears and printed the saying...

You will cut the saying out and decoupage it to the painted jar. Cut a slit in the middle of the circle of fabric (for coins to go through). Place the fabric circle on top and secure with a rubberband and then tie the strip around the jar covering the rubberband.

Here's the finished product...

Papa & Grammy and Mamaw & Grandpa Tom all said they loved the gift and the girls are waiting for their first "spoiling" to take place!!!

Update 1/3/2011 - Since making these, Maamaw and Grandpa Tom have filled their jar two times.  The girls made quite a haul each time, getting about $80 each!!

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