Thursday, April 22, 2010

Doggy Party

For Lexy's 6th birthday party she asked first for a Halloween party, then an under the sea party...finally settling on a dog party.

I made these invitations (using

We used blue, green and purple as the colors. Decorations included paw print balloons tied to dogs, paw prints down the middle of the table and dog pictures taped to the back of each chair...

I made dog ears and collars for each guest (and painted their noses black)...

We made a dog house out of a washer box...

Opening activity - coloring page with a dog house , the kids drew pictures of their dog and then showed everyone. Then we had big sister and two friends give everyone ears, collar and a black nose.

Feed the dog - threw dog biscuits into bowls at different distances.
Dog Trainer Says - growl, bark, wag your tail, walk, sit, lie down, roll over, jump, stay, beg, shake, etc.

Doggie Obstacle Course - jumping thru rings (hulas), over the chairs, around the tree (fake tree that they pretended to pee on), sleep in the dog house, eating dog food (see below).

Goodie Bags - bubbles, mini frisbee, noise maker, dog food (cocoa puffs and pretzels).

Present: Yep, a dog!

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